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Tennis Elbow Rehab Secrets

Thursday 7 November 2013

The tennis elbow rehabilitation process is important to strengthen the muscles around the elbow to avoid future tennis elbow episodes. Proper stretches before and after physical activities while using the elbow are crucial to help keep the muscles within the area flexible. I've occasionally forgotten the stretching part before playing tennis and have suffered the effects. The following stretches and strengthening routines are the most effective I've used during the last 30 years of participating in tennis. Basic Stretch: Most physiotherapists will advise you to complete a basic warm-up before doing any stretching. My personal favorite is ten minutes with an exercise bike. If that's not available, jogging in place or jumping jacks also work. The basic stretch is holding your arm straight in front of your chest and gently pulling you fingers toward your chest. I recommend holding the stretch for a 10-20 count and repeating two or three times. Advanced Stretch: I learned the the advanced stretch through the University of Minnesota tennis team's orthopedic specialist. Extend your arm like the basic stretch, but turn your finger out from your body. Then gently pull your fingers toward your chin for the 10-20 count. Repeat 2 or 3 times. Easy Finger Extension: This easy strengthening exercise can be carried out anytime or anyplace if you have a rubber band. Place the rubber band around your fingers and extend them. Your can feel the critical muscles in your upper forearm. I do three sets of 10-20 reps dependent on the size of the rubber band. Wrist Curls: A really efficient way to improve the strength in the muscles around the elbow is simple curls using small weights or possibly a can of veggies from your your pantry. Be sure you begin with smaller weights before you build the elbows strength. Do 2 or 3 sets of 10-20 curls based on the size of the weight.The basic curl is the forearm extending over your knee and just raising and lowering your wrist slowly.A more advanced curl technique would be to hold the weight in a vertical position and twist your wrist back and forth Forearm Curl: The forearm curl is preferred by my club's head tennis professional. Hold the weight vertically in your hand in front of your belly button. Keeping your wrist locked, lift the weight down and up in between your belly button and chest. Deep Massage: When the pain is substantially reduced, my sports doctor recommended massaging the injured part of the elbow with your thumb. He stressed that it is important to use a a lot of pressure during the massage.

Drug Rehab: Tips For Staging A Successful Intervention

Thursday 31 October 2013

Well-meaning relatives and friends will often encourage addicts to enter drug rehab. While they may have the best intentions, they also make many mistakes that can actually deter the addict from entering treatment. The purpose of intervention is to give addicts a final push into a program, as well as help enablers set boundaries in order to improve their own lives. While many interventions end unsuccessfully, there are some ways you can increase the effectiveness of your efforts. Preparation Impromptu interventions will do little to convince an addict to enter drug rehab. It is far better to plan ahead of time, and plan well. While not absolutely necessary, hiring a counselor or professional therapist to mediate is extremely helpful. It not only will help clear up questions about the process, but they can step in if things become too heated or get off topic. Plans also need to be made for who should be included, and when and where the meeting should take place. Practicing a few hours before can help calm nerves. It is important that everyone present is given an option to speak without interruption, which is why it is recommended to write down exactly what you would like to say. Treatment Besides an opportunity to have a frank discussion with the addict, the purpose of most interventions is to push them into drug rehab. An addict, even if willing to undergo treatment, will be full of excuses and reasons for delay, which is why it is crucial to have everything already arranged. This includes transportation, finances, and a packed suitcase. The addict should be willing to leave and go immediately into treatment, and someone should follow to prevent waffling and give one last push. Consequences As mentioned before, an intervention is a chance for enablers to change their destructive habits as well. Any consequences for rejecting treatment should be clearly explained to the addict. While it may be different for each individual depending on their relationships, the most common consequence is to cut the person out of their daily lives until they get help. If that is too extreme, refusal to give money, rides, or a place to sleep are all powerful incentives that will not only help addicts, but can improve family life as well. Some addicts are simply not ready to enter drug rehab. Many recovering addicts often refer to hitting "rock bottom," before realizing that treatment is necessary. While this may not be true for every individual, most people must experience significant consequences as a direct result of substance abuse before they take sobriety seriously. Even successfully pushing an addict into a facility and spending a small fortune, they may immediately flee or get kicked out for breaking rules. Repeatedly paying for treatment is a form of enabling, especially if the addict does not acknowledge the desire to change for him or herself. If a person truly wants to quit using, they will often seek help on their own or explicitly request it from loved ones.

Three Elements Of A Successful Alcoholism Rehab Program

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Have you ever wondered why some people enter alcoholism rehab treatments and succeed, while others fail? You can rely on the alcoholism rehab facility’s success rate to raise the chances of your recovery from addiction, but the truth is, that’s only one of the things that make rehab successful. There are three basic elements that can guarantee your success as you go through your alcoholism rehab treatments. Personal commitment to get better If you really want to get better, you can. Someone who intentionally resists alcoholism rehab treatments will, of course, fail in the process. However, someone who’s willing to work with the program will enhance its effectiveness. The addicted person needs to make that decision him/herself, preferably before entering the alcoholism rehab program. This isn’t really as hard as it seems when it comes to alcohol addiction because most people who enter alcoholism rehab facilities have themselves admitted. If you were admitted to the program by a concerned friend or family member, it may take some time for you to actually snap out of your alcohol addiction. Until you commit yourself to getting better, you could be hopping from one alcoholism rehab program to the next. Finding the right program Of course, the commitment to get better is so much easier to achieve when the alcoholism rehab program that’s administered to you is something you like. Just make sure it answers both the physiological and the psychological aspects of your addiction and you’ll be fine. You might also want to choose alcoholism rehab programs that allow you to customize your activities. If you’re a high profile individual with a very delicate reputation to uphold, it would help for you to choose an alcoholism rehab facility that puts a high premium on its clients’ private lives. You should choose a luxury rehab facility if you want this type of exclusivity. If you think you can’t afford this kind of rehab program, don’t cross it off your list just yet. There are plenty of financial aids you can explore. Outpatient support The real challenge in any alcoholism rehab attempt begins once you’re out of the rehabilitation center. As opposed to your inpatient treatment, you’re no longer protected from the old addiction triggers as an outpatient. This is why the best alcoholism rehab programs closely involve the family. After all, your family is your sole source of moral support once you’re back in your old environment. Choose a rehabilitation program which also offers outpatient counseling support, aside from the family orientation sessions they offer while you’re inside the rehab center.

Choosing The Best Rehab For Addiction Treatment

Thursday 17 October 2013

The nasty habit of drug addiction has been killing human beings for quite a long period of time, not only does affect the drug addicted person, but also the people dependant on that person. Even after trying real hard, the government of several countries has failed to uproot this nasty addiction to drugs from the society. Drug addiction occurs in two ways, either it is intentional or accidental. The cases of accidental addiction to drugs are unfortunate for the people. Accidental addiction to the drugs occurs mainly because of the pharmaceutical drugs. When any person is prescribed with the medicinal drugs for any sort of ailment, he or she must take those medicines just as prescribed by the doctor. Increasing the dosage or continuing taking those medicines make people get physically and mentally dependent. This results to addiction to those medicinal drugs and it is quite difficult to cure the people, who are addicted to such medicinal drugs. The effect of drug addiction is the same, whether a person gets addicted accidentally or intentionally does not count. And the only way to cure this addiction is proper treatment in any Drug Florida Rehab. Hundreds of drug addiction treatment centers have grown up all over United States, among which the Florida Drug Rehab Centers have gained huge success and popularity, because of the excellent treatment they provide. The drug rehab centers in Florida provide excellent treatment facilities for the drug addicted patients and have helped thousands of drug addicts to get back to the normal life. If you know any person, who has got deeply addicted to any kind of drugs, then it is your duty to take the initiative and get that person admitted in any well-known drug addiction treatment center. The drug rehab centers in Florida provide excellent treatment and provide immense care and mental support simultaneously. This helps the drug addicted people a lot to get out of the nasty addiction habit. The initial treatment process conducted in any Drug Rehab in Florida is the drug detox treatment process. In this process the toxic drug particles are eliminated from the body of the addicted person in certain ways. Whorush: 12 sites by this AdSense ID During this detoxification process, the withdrawal symptoms of drug addiction show up in large extent. This withdrawal effects are so painful that most drug addicts cannot bear it. In such situation, the addicted patients need extreme care and mental support to deal with these painful effects and overcome them. The medical stuffs of the Drug Rehab Centers in Florida provide immense care and support to help the drug addicted patients. Proper treatment in any such well-known drug rehab center is the only way to get rid of the nasty drug addiction habit and get back to normalcy. Besides, proper treatment, care and support, a calm and soothing environment is also necessary to get cured. The Drug Rehab Centers in Florida maintains a calm and soothing environment, which acts as a catalyst in the drug treatment process. Nowadays, most people take addiction treatment from any well-known drug rehab center to get completely cured and get back to the normal life.

Alcohol Rehab Facilities: Inpatient Or Outpatient?

Sunday 13 October 2013

One of the things to consider when one is looking at alcohol rehab center options is whether it is an outpatient rehab center that is to be chosen or whether it is an inpatient facility that is preferable. While both have their merits, there are several points of difference between alcohol outpatient rehab and in patient alcohol rehab: Practical differences: It is not just a matter of where you lay your head to rest at night that makes outpatient alcohol rehab different from alcohol rehab center that offers inpatient facilities. With an inpatient facility one is required to commit to the program more totally; it offers a 24 x 7 residential facility that isolates an individual from the outside world.

With an outpatient facility, one can actually carry on with their regular life in terms of work, school, family, etc.; it is part time so to speak. Differences in commitment and focus: With an inpatient facility the focus is on recovery, with no distractions or temptations. One would be required to put life on hold for a bit until the alcohol rehab center is able to resolve the problems that one faces and until one is able to be functional without help. With a more severe alcohol addiction problem, an inpatient facility would be indicated, as against an outpatient facility.

With an inpatient facility there is more emphasis on the process of recovery and everything is structured towards this. When one is part of an outpatient program the recovery process is only one part of the individual’s life with everything else chugging along as before. An outpatient is more exposed to temptations and has more access to the very materials that he or she seeks to avoid. There is therefore perhaps more of a chance that one may have a relapse; fall off the wagon. The Cost Factor: Since the inpatient facility includes boarding and lodging apart from the alcohol rehab programs, therapy and counseling that it would also provide, this would be considerably more expensive than an outpatient one. So cost is a factor to be considered when deciding upon whether the correct choice for a given situation is an inpatient or an outpatient facility. An inpatient facility will require you to prepare for the real world: While one is in an impatient facility one is cocooned from the ‘real world’ with ‘real world choices’ and one’s life is far more structured, controlled and guided by others being in charge.

Though the gains in terms of recovery may be bigger, there is some amount of adjustment also required to be made when one ‘rejoins’ the real world and goes back to their regular life, picking up where they left off. In a sense one is then left to fend for oneself, and would typically be required to be cautious about the progress made, lest it suffer a setback. After the isolation of an inpatient facility, the outside world and mainstream life may require a considerable amount of adjustment. So the choice that one makes should be made after considering all the different factors and the ramifications that they have on one’s particular situation.

Yoga Helping Injury Rehab

Saturday 12 October 2013

Yoga is a powerful tool for rehabilitation, as it focuses on strengthening the entire body, which allows for a more balanced healing process.

As a synergistic system, the human body is more than the sum of its parts, and works best when treated as a dynamic whole. In rehabilitation from injury, it is important to take into account not just the injured area itself, but also the connected parts of the body that must cooperate with it for efficient and optimal functioning. Also, the stronger the body's overall circulatory, cardiovascular, and immune functions are, the more effectively the body can heal itself.

Yoga is known to improve all of these aspects of overall physical health. Yoga also has the effect of curbing anxiety, worry, and fear by creating a peaceful and balanced state of mind, which contributes to the psychological component of the healing process. Yoga also has appreciable benefits for the relief of pain. The meditative state of the mind and focused breathing involved in the practice stimulate the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain killing chemicals, and also diminishes the chronic muscular tension that exacerbates pain.

 It is this focus on empowering the body's natural healing systems and facilitating cooperation among the skeletal muscles that makes yoga's approach to rehabilitation different from traditional medical approaches, which tend to try to isolate and treat a single factor as the cause of an injury. Of course, yoga doesn't have to replace other forms of therapeutic rehabilitation, but can be used as a beneficial complement to almost any other kind of rehabilitative program.

 Two factors that are important for the success of any rehabilitation program involving yoga are the presence of a qualified instructor and a commitment to daily practice. An instructor familiar with the rehab process can help to ensure that you do not re-injure any sensitive areas and that you are able to make steady, consistent, appropriate progress. Many instructors will even have special training in this regard. Beyond rehabilitation, some instructors specialize in using yoga principles to improve and enhance athletic performance, as well as to diminish the chance of injuries occurring. These instructors study the body mechanics of athletes in action and identify ways to improve posture, balance, and coordination.

This has the double benefit of yielding greater results with less effort, as well as reducing stress and strain on the body, which allows athletes to more effectively preserve their bodies from injuries as well as repetitive wear and tear.

Little Boy, Big Dresser: Chest on Chest Reveal

Friday 13 September 2013

When I bought this dresser on Craigslist for $50, it was more than I usually spend for something I'm going to fix up and sell. But when I inspected it at home, I fell head over heels for it. The drawers move like butter and it is the most sturdy and well made piece I've worked on!

This guy started school this week, so I was able to bust out this dresser after finally figuring out what to do with it.

His first week of preschool went well and he came home to this in his room!

I obsessed about the hardware on this one. The top drawers measure 3" center to center, but the bottom drawers measure 3 3/4" center to center. The dresser only came with about 75% of the hardware, so I couldn't use that. Buying all new would be pricey...which I didn't mind if we kept the dresser. But when I tried the rope, I just knew it was perfect for a little boy's room.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!

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