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A Little Eye Candy on a Monday

Sunday, 30 January 2011

We just returned from Sanibel Island, Florida. *sigh*
I love Minnesota most of the time, but come mid January-mid March, I'm over it. And this year is no exception...we've had more snow than most years, and more is coming tomorrow. I miss garage sales. I miss spray painting.

Ok, pity party over.

To get the week started right, here are some befores and afters of some of my first rehabs that I have never shared before.

Before: drippy white glossy paint with faux denim seat

After: Semi gloss black paint with updated fabric

Before: Wobbly wooden chair with stained seat circa 1970

After: Rustoleum Colonial Red spray paint, distressed with walnut stain and a super fun fabric (this was my first sale at a local occasional shop!)

Before: Curb alert stool...great bones, not so great plastic type cushion

After: Semi-gloss black paint with some pretty fabric

Before: One of a pair of chairs...cute shape that needs updating
After: Heirloom white with floral fabric
And true to form, not the best pictures. But hopefully they are good enough to motivate you to hit Goodwill or another thrift shop this week :)


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Eleven away...almost at a giveaway!

So I just returned from a week in Florida and I have 89 followers!!! Eighty-nine!! I am blown away, really. I started this blog as a way to track my projects and learn from others...I didn't think people would actually follow along. But I'm so pumped that they are!

To say Thank You, I'm going to do a giveaway when I get to 100 followers. If you look at my last post, you'll see that I recently won THREE giveaways. I gotta share that love!

When I reach 100, I'll do a giveaway with a Gift Card to Home Depot, Lowe's, Michael's OR Ace Hardware!!! IT'S YOUR CHOICE if you win!

So tell your friends, family and fellow bloggers..join me here at Fab Rehab...you won't be sorry!

And while I LOVED getting out of Minnesota and snow, I am jonesin to get back in the garage and finish a few projects! And re-do a few projects...ehem. Thanks to the young guy at my local Ace (I store which I love normally), I need to re-do a few pieces. Learn from my mistake peeps...enamel paint does NOT distress the same as non-enamel paint. Yikes. I will post pics of what happened...shame on me...I knew in my gut that it wasn't the same, but it was a $5 mistint gallon and the thrifty gal that I am got the best of me....stay tuned!

Two down, One to Go and I'm a Lucky Girl

Thursday, 20 January 2011

First, the lucky part. In the past few months, I've been lucky enough to win THREE giveaways via some awesome blogs. I never win anything, so this has me scratching my head...but I'll take it!

First, Maryann from Domestically Speaking gave away one of her Burlap Beauties. It now hangs in my mudroom.

Second, Sharon from Elizabeth & Co gave away a yoga mat. Can't wait to use it.

And just today, Tara from Lauren Lane Decor gave away a gift card to Anthropologie!

If you haven't been to these blogs, get over and take a look! Thank you, ladies!
As for the "two down", I didn't think I was going to get any projects done this week...or at least I didn't think I'd have time to write about them, but here we go. *disclaimer* All pictures below were quickly taken tonight with my point and shoot...terrible lighting

This first table has been with me since this summer. Has anyone been to Bayfield, Wisconsin? Probably not, but on the off chance that you have, have you been to the Junk Lady? You can't miss her...she's got "junk" lining both sides of the highway on the way out of town. And Sally, said Junk Lady, is quite a character. Anyway, this table was very wobbly and bare wood, but had SUCH cute carvings. I got it for $5, my father-in-law made it sturdy with a capital S, and I painted it a glossy white. It was eh. It has been sitting in my basement ever since. Tonight, the hubs brought it out to me in the garage and said "do something with it or get rid of it". (He's not really as mean as he sounds ;)

I had nothing to lose, so I distressed the heck out of it and put walnut stain over it. It's much better!

This little beaute was brought to me by a gal who owns a shop in Minneapolis. She brings me stuff that she finds, I paint it and she sells it...it's a fabulous relationship! She finds ah-MAZING items. Of course, no before of this one, but look at the details!

And lastly, is this gorgeous dresser that I cannot WAIT to work on. I got her off Craig for $25! I'm thinking a walnut top with a painted body...but what color?

Oooohkay..I think this post has been long enough. Hope you enjoyed part of it ;)

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This One's for You, Ma!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I recently found another place for finding fabulous furniture that needs a little love. Up here in Minnesota, garage sale season is short. This year was my first year at hunting for furniture to rehab, and by the end of the summer, I had a stack of thrifty finds that was taller than I am *blush*. The hubby was none too happy. However, since the snow started, I've worked through my stash. No garage sales and empty thrift stores had me searching for online auctions. Such deals to be found!

I found this piece on K-Bid...and I actually won it...for $14.24!

Yes, this is a terrible picture and angle, but at least I have a before! Victory!

Anyway, my mom was looking for something for her entry. I love the way this turned out and hope she does too!

There is SUCH a difference in the last 2 pics. The last picture is how the piece looks in person. I was messing around with flash/no flash. Still trying to take better pictures *sigh*


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