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Three Stools for Three Boys

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Up until last fall, our kitchen island had really only been used for piling things. Mail, toys that were in a "time out", my calendar, etc.

Then one day, my friend Mollie called and said "I saw these 2 stools on the side of the road and thought maybe you could do something with them". She knows me so well! So I put them at our kitchen island...and they got lots of use. My hubs loves to sit and having his morning cereal at the island while reading his Ipad. The older 2 boys love to sit and color where their little brother can't ruin the creations they are working on.

But those 2 little stools were just kinda...blah. Functional, yes...but aesthetically pleasing? Notsomuch.

Exhibit A:

Enter my dear friend Shayne had these three stools still hanging around after the tag sale last week. She asked me if I wanted them...as in, FREE. Yes please! I knew the day was coming that my 3rd little man would want to sit at the island with his brudders.

Here is one before the makeover...but picture a faux leopard print on the seat. I have no issue with leopard print, but it's chic, and my house isn't. I have 3 boys 5 1/2 and under. Not chic...believe me.

Anyway, I've always loved the numbered stools I've seen in blogland, so I tried my hand at them. Sprayed with Heirloom white by Rustoleum, distressed and glazed with dark walnut stain. I traced a stencil and filled them in with black acrylic paint. Then I recovered the seats with dropcloth as we need something cheap and durable. Plus, I love the way it looks.

Here they are!

Do you see what I see? Yeah..number one isn't finished. At all. Let's take a closer look at my first stencil attempt...

Are you laughing yet? I am. I need to re-do number one in a bad way, so let's just focus on the 2 stools that did work out!

Hope you are all having a wonderful 4th of July!!


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